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Singing Lessons for Adults

Your voice lesson is your time.  We focus solely on your voice, your goals, and our work together.  We start and end on time and communicate openly about what you need and want from voice study. 

Please see the Children and Teens tab under the TEACHING section for more information about lessons for those age groups.

Don't miss the FAQs section at the bottom of this page.

A word about gender - I use she/her/hers and respect how you wish to be addressed.  My work with you is based on the characteristics of your individual voice and what you want to do with it, not on preconceived gender stereotypes or categories.


60 minutes in-person ($95)

My primary goals in your Intro Lesson are to open communication, ease anxiety, introduce a vocal exercise routine, and gather the diagnostic info I need to begin our work together. I am sensitive to the anxiety some adult students experience taking lessons for the first time or returning to singing after a hiatus. We'll spend some time talking about your musical background and goals, and then ease into physical exercises and vocalizations. I do not require you to perform songs at the Intro Lesson. However, if you want to share a song this can help me tailor instruction to your needs, especially if you are a professional or experienced amateur. Following the Intro Lesson, we'll decide whether we wish to collaborate further. There is no obligation for either party to continue. 


60 minutes in-person or online ($85, flexible scheduling, and pay-as-you-go)

During your lessons, I will teach you to warm up and cool down your voice, care for your vocal instrument, and build your vocal power, range, and stamina through functionally-based exercises and repertoire you enjoy.  We develop efficient phonation and breath control, explore resonance, and establish stylistically appropriate registration (chest, mix, head) and articulation for the musical styles you prefer.  I work with students at all levels of vocal training, from beginners to professionals.  Students may take lessons weekly, bi-weekly, or on an ad hoc basis.

30 minutes online only ($55, flexible scheduling within a 5-week block, payment upfront in a 4-lesson block)

Are you dying to study singing but are short on time and worried about your wallet? Create the momentum of weekly lessons at a lower cost in the comfort of your home. You'll get the personalized training you need in a hassle-free format that fits your life - just schedule your four lessons anytime within five weeks. And you're welcome to add on a 60-minute lesson whenever you want. Every new student must complete a 60-minute in-person Intro Lesson.


Where do you teach?

  • Lessons take place both online and in my home studio space at 1501 Webster St NW, Washington, DC

  • There is easy, reliable street parking on Webster and WMATA Metrobus access via 14th and 16th streets.

  • For students with pet allergies, please be aware that I have a dog and a cat.

What kind of a time commitment should I expect?

  • I highly recommend a weekly lesson during the first two months of study, on a pay-as-you-go basis. After that point, some students choose a bi-weekly or occasional lesson.

  • I work with you on reasonable goals for home practice that fits into your life. Your singing practice needs to be hassle-free, or you won't do it.

I may need a lot of scheduling flexibility. How do you handle this?

  • My online student portal allows you to change a scheduled lesson (at least 24 hours in advance) per your weekly needs. You receive an automated lesson reminder and can sync your lesson calendar with your devices.

  • If for any reason you can't attend a scheduled in-person lesson on a given day, you can convert to an online (FaceTime) lesson for the same price. 

  • I teach various weekday mornings, afternoons, and early evenings. I will work with you to find a lesson time. I generally do not teach on weekends.

I'm worried about the expense.  What do you recommend?

  • Take a look at my 30-minute online lesson format and decide if that might work for you.

  • Determine how much you can set aside for voice lessons and tell me how many lessons you plan to schedule. Knowing this will help me meet your short-term needs. You can always decide to extend lessons if that becomes financially feasible. 

How do you handle payments? 

  • Payment via Zelle, cash, or check at the start of the 60-minute lesson, or prepaid in 4-lesson blocks for the 30-minute lesson format.

What else will help me be successful with singing lessons?

  • If you're starting up again after a hiatus from singing, expect that it may take a few weeks or months of practice to feel "yourself" again. Your voice may have changed physiologically since you last sang, especially if that was years ago, and it needs time to figure itself out. Be brave, be patient, and talk kindly to yourself!

  • Most everyone loves making music with other people.  Feed your soul in a chorus or choir, an a capella group, musical theater show, karaoke night, a band, or at informal musical get-togethers. 

  • Train your musicianship by picking up an instrument of your choice. I also provide musicianship training specific to the needs of singers.

  • Listen to an expansive variety of singers and vocal styles on a daily basis. Find new singers to love and learn what they have to teach you. Feed your imagination and boost your inspiration by attending concerts and shows (pro or amateur) regularly.

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